The composition of the pieces successively alternate wooden elements and empty spaces, allowing them to acquire a semi transparent property that would interact with the intermittent immediate surroundings as part of the piece.

The shadows casted change and move during the hours of the day and would permanently change the view and atmosphere of the piece.


Both the landscape and the casted shadows are part of the living piece and key elements to achieve its meaning.


This “living” characteristic forms part of the core concept for both interior & exterior designs in an attempt to create awareness of space and time.​ Therefore, my pursuit is to give “life” or “momentum” or just some sort of representation to the uniqueness of each moment, of time passing by.


technique and materials

Wood is a living material. It is used in my designs as a constructive element due to is tactile and visual properties. Each piece of wood has different nuances of color and grain, making the non manufactured material unique in appearance.

​ Each piece is built through a variety of independent modules to facilitate its transportation and assemble.


Some pieces can be shown or be fixed permanently on architectural interiors. Their design is made to enable mobility for different locations and change of sceneries.


I´ve chosen the hexagon as the main construction element of my work due to its wide presence in nature, as well as its geometrical qualities which enable, through assemblage, to obtain grids with a maximum capacity of exploitation of surfaces.

firma 2_edited.jpg


Manufacture with high quality natural materials 100% Handmade.


Use of basic tools and finishing materials like natural wax or vegetable oils to protect the surfaces.

The material used comes from producers with responsible social and environmental management.

Modular Structures:

Fast assemble and disassemble. Ease of transportation.


Tailored design to fulfill customers & projects needs and expectations.


Tailored design to fulfill customers & projects needs and expectations.